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About Frulino

Frulino is a brand of Frulact Switzerland AG. The products are produced in Reinach in the Swiss canton of Aargau. Frulino is our standard product range for dairies and is perfectly adapted to their needs.

Frulact Switzerland AG has been developing, producing and selling fruit, vegetable and beverage preparations, as well as flavours and plant extracts, since 1933. This experience is hugely beneficial to Frulino.

The origins of the Swiss branch date back to 1946. Our quality standards, which have been high from the very beginning, are assured by a number of certifications. After obtaining our first ISO certification in 1994, we now also meet the standards for both ISO 9001:2008 and FSSC 22000. In addition to customer-specific products for the food industry, our product range has been enriched by the successful production of FRULINO since 2015.


With its delicious products, the FRULINO product group is intended to contribute to the quality of your own products:

Preferred Taking centre stage with successful products

Delicious We don’t accept flavour that is anything less than first class

Good Tailored to you and easy to use

All products under the FRULINO brand are produced by us in Switzerland and packaged in small pots. This makes them particularly well suited to small and medium-sized processing facilities such as dairies and cheese dairies.

An attractive product range with Swiss fruits and an organic range with Bio Bud label quality meet the demand for regional and sustainable products. For this reason, we have been certified by the independent organisations bio.inspecta and Procert.

We strive to be the preferred partner for your success. We guarantee outstanding quality and innovation with our solutions for the food industry. Dairy product offerings Work with us – benefit from our know-how. We strive to cultivate a long-term business relationship with you, in order to satisfy your company’s local and global requirements. 
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The production facility in Reinach offers very flexible methods of production and comprises the following processes:

  • Varied cutting and shredding processes
  • Mixing
  • asteurisation and sterilisation
  • Evaporation
  • Small pot filling system with a number of different container sizes
  • Organic, halal and kosher production

The customer offering is rounded off with comprehensive service and extensive product documentation. Product safety is ensured by modern quality organisation.


Frulino products are produced in line with the following certifications:

You can also view and download our certifications here:

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